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Hi All,

From what I've seen, our unstepped stone in AI isn't formulating a
believable network of facts - such systems as wordnet and framenet work as
great categorical placement of words + their meanings, and there are many
great semantic parsers out there (Automatic Labeling of Semantic Roles,
Gildea / Jurafsky), but the hardest part is deciding WHAT TO DO - imposing
some will upon a system, past even just a list of projects. To have IT
start a conversation, and lead it, rather than just reacting as so many
chatterbots can do / fake intelligence with today.

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Lee Goddard wrote:
The objective of Project Earth is to build a database of factual
relevant to any aspect of life by collating voluntary contributions made
project participants.
Does anyone remember the name of the project that tried to
program a database with the equivelant knowledge of a three
year-old child? It's still running, after I think 30 years.
Did that project utilise a world-wide network of contributors like this
one aims to do or did it involve a limited team? Of course then you
have the problem of people entering junk data in the database. I
suppose one solution would be to have a review system like the PGP web
of trust where a given fact could be trusted in accordance with how many
people have confirmed it and how trusted a given person is considered to
be (probably has a neat parallel with how humans choose to believe

But the main problem with this approach in general IMHO is surely the
best you can hope for is a sophisticated database searching program that
can tell you $string is/= $otherstring. By itself it wouldn't even have
much hope of passing the turing test let alone be arguably
'intelligent'. Or am I missing something?


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