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Well, part of the problem is the terminology. AI is dead.
Shit. Guess we'll have to close the list down. :)
The terms today are "Information theory" and "Machine learning."
And "information retrieval". See some of Dan Brian's modules. The trick,
though, is to lose the word "intelligence"; machines can't be
intelligent, despite what Hofstadter thinks. It's all about doing things
in a "human-like" way: how we look through data to find what we want,
how we decide what's important and what isn't, and so on. We don't have
to do that "intelligently", it's just that the tasks supposedly require
intelligence. If you consider the average human who performs such tasks,
it's suprising we suppose this.

Ermine? NO thanks. I take MINE black.
- Henry Braun is Oxford Zippy

machines can be intelligent. [as most humans]

machines cannot be conscious. [as most humans]

some did it out of self-doubt.
you will do it because you like to experiment
and see things with `your` `own` eyes.


\ \/ i should like to be a human plant
\/ __
i will shed leaves in the shade
\_\ because i like stepping on bugs

Netochka Nezvanova!
n r . 5 !!!
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