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The terms today are "Information theory" and "Machine learning." Anyone
on the bleeding edge of the technology looks at the term "AI" and just
laughs a little inside. Information theory and machine learning
mean nothing as labels, but the terms have grown out the of the ashes
of "AI", and imply a lot more discipline and mathematical rigor.
Bullshit. AI is a broad field that encompasses things like machine
learning and info theory, as well as planning, reasoning, natural
language processing; all of these things have in common their attempt to
give computers some aspect of what we call intelligence. Nobody is
claiming (anymore) that we're "this close" to passing the Turing test,
but we are making progress, each in our own way. And to suggest that
people working in AI lack mathematical rigour, well, that's just silly.

"[Pagers] retain the upper hand over mobile phones, thanks to fears the
latter may interfere with delicate hospital equipment. At least that's
what your doctors will tell you if they trade in their pager for a new
putter or four iron." --BBC

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