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John Porter wrote:
Ken Williams wrote:
one suggestion was to use cross-entropy
measurements to reduce the number of features (words) considered.
Um, have you tried a web search? Seems to me there's a fair
amount of info out there...
At YAPC, it was decided that this list would be the proper place to
discuss collaboration on the AI::Categorize modules. We decided that
because there would perhaps be interested people on this list who
wouldn't otherwise know that the work is going on, and also because it
seems like exactly the kind of thing that the list was created for. If
discussion gets out of control (which would probably be more than the
current traffic of 1-3 messages perl week), we can fork it off to a new

So with my original message, I'm mainly just trying to see whether
anyone's interested in discussing the ideas. And I'm willing to do some
reading and searching - Per Jambeck has pointed me to a comparative
article by Yiming Yang that looks like a good place to start.

You're right that there are a lot of resources to be found in a web
search, but most of it is about very specific applications - perhaps
introductory material is best found in a textbook.

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