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Hi perl-ai list,

The slides from my YAPC talk on AI::Categorize are online now, at:

Please take a look if you're interested. The same slides will be
available on when Kevin has time to put them there.

Several people at the talk expressed interest in helping with
development of AI::Categorize:: modules. Here are my thoughts:

* If you want to implement a new algorithm (besides NaiveBayes and kNN,
which I've already done), just go ahead and do it and release to CPAN.
You don't need to discuss it with me unless you want to. The modules
should be in the AI::Categorize:: namespace, and subclasses of

* Discussions & announcements should take place on this list, so that
people with more knowledge than me can chime in. If the traffic gets
too much, we can split off to a new list. But at least for a while, it
would be nice to get some meat into the perl-ai list archives. =) Let's
post often, as I'm sure there's a lot of knowledge people have to share,
as well as a lot of people who'd like to listen.

* If anyone has additions/changes/fixes to the existing modules, don't
hold them back. For example, there was discussion of adding stuff to
reduce the feature sets (number of words considered important) by
looking at their cross-entropy, and I'd like to get that in there.

As I mentioned at the talk, the main reason I created this namespace and
released the initial stuff was to jumpstart community efforts in this
area. It seemed strange that there wasn't anything on CPAN to do this
kind of NLP stuff, when Perl seems so well-known in the NLP community.
So I hope there will be interest from people on this list (and that the
interested people from YAPC are indeed subscribed!).

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Ken Williams Last Bastion of Euclidity The Math Forum

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