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Terrence Monroe Brannon writes:

Well my goal is Prolog semantics with Perl syntax. I think the goal of
that module is Prolog semantics and Prolog syntax.

I want something that can be used dynamically within Perl.
A "Perlog" [1] module which allows you to do some logic programming
in Perl would be a great module, I presume. IMHO, implementing whole
Languages inside Perl doesn't seem the way to go. Of course modules
like "Language-Prolog-Interpreter" are nice as toys or proofs of concept,
but if one badly needs BASIC, Prolog or Lisp he should use that languages
directly, try to write an Inline module for the language or try to implement
missing features (paradigm) into Perl itself ("Perlog" as an idea).
Well, your mileage may vary.

Andreas Marcel

[1] Perlog could be a something like Schelog (Prolog in Scheme without
loosing Scheme);

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