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Lee Goddard wrote:
Lee Goddard wrote:
It would be really very interesting, though, if you were to consider
writing Language::Lisp -
People considering that should check CPAN first.
On which, does anyone fancy do a bit of work
on Language::Prolog...?
I checked this out.
*Thank you!*

It looks quite good. My problems with it are:
1 - no test suite
Well, there is a test PROLOG script which runs correctly,
but no, you couldn't give a cpantest pass grade.... I can
change that.
2 - no docs on implementation or usage or installation or anything !
True, and it doesn't install as a usual CPAN module, but again,
I can change that - which means it's no big deal :)
3 - he did not use strict ;
You're telling me!
So, I received some off-list help on how to write Perl in Perl instead
of trying to write Lisp in Perl and I will forge ahead with my efforts
at implementing the PROLOG discussed in Norvig's text.
If you do make any changes to Language::Prolog, would you mind sending
them into the list? I've made a few minor changes, and a little POD,
and uploaded them to CPAN, and I'd really like to make some more, and
welcome any input.

It now at least loads PROLOG files, strips single-/multi-line comments,
but doesn't yet handle much else. I'm not really interested in getting
much more functionality, just an equivalent of POPLOG PROLOG on Win32
- basic text output, inline mathematics.

Cheers, and thanks,

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