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You should talk to Kevin Lenzo over a CMU. One of the projects he's worked
on is written mostly in Perl I believe and it works much better than most
other AI voice apps.

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Gustaf Bjorksten wrote:
I think y'all missing the point. The original premise that "perl is not
fast enough _for_AI_" is incorrect IMHO. This is not about raw execution
speed! Perl is ace for modelling sh!t and definately has a place in my
AI hacking toolkit. I don't give a damn if it aint the bleedingest
lightningest-fast thing on two bits
Unfortunately, most AI-related algorithms are
computationally intense; execution speed *does*
end up being critical. For example, I tried using
perl to do some genetic algorithms stuff:
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John Porter wrote:
I'd like to say a little something from my own experience with doing
GA/GP in Perl: Don't. That is, unless you're just doing it for fun,
to see how it might look if written in Perl. If you're expecting to
evolve (:-) a useful, production-quality system, think hard about
your performance requirements. To do a GA/GP system really requires
OO, I think, and OO in perl is bloody slow. I wrote a little
OO-based GP testbed, with a total class hierarchy size of less than
a dozen classes, and it was still a good two orders of magnitude
slower than the full-blown Java-based system I've been using, ECJ,
which contains like hundreds of classes. And that's Java. There
are C++-based systems which are undoubtedly even faster. As you
know, if you've done any GA/GP research, performce is critical
because you'd like to run large populations for many generations,
and in GP particularly, the time to evaluate an individual grows
like exponentially in the number of generations, unless you have
some kind of advanced aggressive size control.
Undoubtedly some of you are going to argue that my "mistake"
was using OO in perl. But as I said, "To do a GA/GP system
really requires OO", and I stand firmly by that remark.

John Porter

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