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On Thu, 24 May 2001, John Porter wrote:
On Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:46:00 -0500,
in <>
John Porter wrote:
I'd like to say a little something from my own experience with doing
GA/GP in Perl: Don't. That is, unless you're just doing
it for fun,
to see how it might look if written in Perl. If you're expecting to
evolve (:-) a useful, production-quality system, think hard about
your performance requirements. To do a GA/GP system really requires
Yeah, well for me it is more about concepts rather than serious
implementation. I've been hacking perl for half-a-dozen years and be
damned learning PROLOG just for the odd occasion i want to dabble in AI
stuff. Of course, if one day i join the ranks of the 1337 AI programmers
and find myself building the most k-rad killer AI app then i prolly
will look at languages other than perl.
Hey, do PROLOG in Perl! It's a piece of cake:

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