Grokbase Groups Perl ai May 2001

Gustaf Bjorksten wrote:

Yeah, well for me it is more about concepts rather than serious
implementation. I've been hacking perl for half-a-dozen years and be
damned learning PROLOG just for the odd occasion i want to dabble in AI
stuff. Of course, if one day i join the ranks of the 1337 AI programmers
and find myself building the most k-rad killer AI app then i prolly
will look at languages other than perl.
I just finished reading about the Dutch National Flag problem in "Craft
of Prolog" and how the naive Prolog solution generates all these
permutations and then tests them... hohoho. That's a Perl-one-liner.

But I do love the implementation of a Finite State Automaton in two (?)
lines that I saw in "Art of Prolog"

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