Nathan Torkington [gnat@frii.com] quoth:
*>Vanderhoof, Tzadik writes:
*>> What is Perl's answer to ColdFusion's "Session" and "Client" structures?
*>The problem is that ColdFusion is a system of tools and doodads for
*>building web applications. Perl is just a programming language. The
*>right answer is "which Perl modules provide ColdFusion functionality?"

Correct, just like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc. are a nice set of tools
for building web pages. They are a pretty GUI for building web sites.

*>The only difference is that nobody puts together an integrated system
*>of modules and calls it "PerlFusion". Instead it's left to the web
*>designer, and most web designers don't want to dick around evaluating
*>different Perl modules and trying to make them behave together. But
*>the knowledgable Perl person should have no problem finding modules
*>with the funcationality they want.

The path of least resistance is the one most often travelled. A choice
between a point and click interface v. real work..hmmmm...guess which gets

Also, don't forget that the PHB's love the fact that CF is a commercial
product with support.

*>That's my take on it.

Pretty much mine as well. I like the idea of a PerlFusion package...


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