On Monday 18 October 2004 19:28, Pressio Main Email wrote:
Hi all,
So why would I buy in Perl given that I was forced to use PHP to get
started? Because my (possibly wrong) impression of Perl6 from Larrys'
summary is that it is not just Turbo Perl5, but introduces design
abstraction that effectively allow any language to be used on the front
end. That's amazing.

It means that a standard LAMP box in any large web hosting company should
have as standard the Perl6 back-end, then optional plug-ins for the
language of choice. So perls guru's like you lot can find the next prime
with three punctuation marks, and evening/weekend coders like me can gimp
our way to eye-candy web pages with a 1MB 'script'. (exit; why's apache and
mod_perl gone?)
You are confusing Perl 6 and Parrot. Parrot is the future virtual machine that
aims to run Perl 5, Perl 6, Python and many other languages. Perl 6 is a new
language that aims to be a better Perl than Perl 5.

In my article, I did not criticize Parrot, but rather Perl 6.
(I think a standard reference lamp box complete with a collection of
typical secure apps in long form syntax would go a long way to propogating
Perl, both making it easier for hosting companies to offer it and for
individuals like myself to set one up and start building the next amazon or

In a way the Perl6 enterprise reminds me of the work on the Hurd over at
the GNU project. A colossal advance by dedicated individuals working for
the betterment of all mankind, and it it is totally laudable. I also
believe both will succeed, because every step of the way what I'm seeing is
that the individuals involved have not chosen their paths lightly, and
won't give up, ever.
GNU Hurd? Hurd is an operating system kernel whose development started before
the Linux kernel, and still continues to this day. Plenty of people have
worked on it, but it is still not ready for prime time. It's unstable,
dog-slow, and supports very little hardware. Granted, it has some interesting
design concepts, but is not something I'd prefer to use over Linux or the
BSDs or whatever, and won't be for a forseeable future.

Now, did you compare Hurd to Parrot or to Perl 6?
I'm a bit concerned that the meritocracy is still causing friction though,
and ruffled feathers of Perl5 porters still a possibility ("he had to bring
that up"). As a person who was once in Mensa (and left on principle because
they wouldn't open membership to the other 98% of humankind), I am a great
fan of Forest Gump. It's preferable to be a good person and to genuinely
like yourself and be likeable, than to be smart but hurting others and
being disliked, any day.

The danger of a powerful mind is that it can be a puppet of the ID. That
said, emotional outbursts are natural, and probably good for you, so long
as they are ultimately followed up by the ethical and diplomatic
reflections of the frontal lobes. That's my two-cent.
What are you implying? I started working on this article a few years ago, and
has stood by it all this time. This is the latest incarnation of it. It was
not an emotional ourburst.


Shlomi Fish


Shlomi Fish shlomif@iglu.org.il
Homepage: http://www.shlomifish.org/

Knuth is not God! It took him two days to build the Roman Empire.

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