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Hi all!

I wrote a critique of where Perl 6 is heading. It was published in Freshmeat:
This is not the first time you have attacked the Perl community on
the thinnest of grounds and then asked the same people you attacked
for feedback. I cannot fathom your intent unless you simply thrive
on conflict. Either way, although I paid attention to you before
because of your apparent intelligence and talent, I am going to
ignore you from now on. All your so-called arguments against
Perl 6 were dismissed years ago and rehashing them in a public
forum simply insults people such as Larry, Damian, and Alison, who
have made sacrifices of biblical proportions to get us this far,
and diverts the valuable time of people like Schwern on rebuttals.
Shame on you. What a waste of a good mind.

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