Gabor Szabo [gabor@perl.org.il] quoth:
*>I am not sure if you or anyone really answered the question why do we want
*>to have more women in programming or in Perl ?

I don't know, why wouldn't you? How would you like to always be the only guy
hanging around a group of big hairy women who like to drink beer and
adjust themselves?

Women, I am told, are generally more creative and might bring a completely
different perspective and skill to a lot of different projects.

*>Is this because we want to help women or we want to help the Perl
*>community ?

You can do both.

*>about 1-10 but we did not have any female speaker yet. Even on our conference
*>out of the 17 speakers there are 0 women.

Are there any female attendees? For the first year or two of TPC there
were no female speakers but there were a number of attendees. These
days the number of women have dipped significantly from what what I've
personally noticed and from what I've heard from the conference organisers.


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