Dave Rolsky [autarch@urth.org] quoth:
*>Well, on the Mason list, if I tell people not to act in a certain way,
*>there's an implied threat there. Same goes for a few other forums, but
*>obviously not all of them.

I commend you on your efforts though I think you are rather rare.

*>Um, uh, um, uh ... huh? You said it was insulting. I asked how. You
*>didn't answer and then tell me to say how it's not insulting. Ok, I think
*>it's well written, specific, and addresses common problems that happen
*>when a largely male group tries to deal with women getting involved in
*>that group. I wasn't insulted reading it. I can't speak for anyone else.

Just as a sanity check I asked a few people, admittedly all male, what they
thought of the document and the concensus was that while the intent was
good the implementation was pretty bad. I find it specifically insulting
in the sense that in spite of the fact that I had a co-worker drop trou
and hump a box of food on my desk late at night, that I think it would be
insulting to him to think he was too stupid to figure that it wasn't a
behaviour acceptable in the workplace or generally non-sexist. It also
makes it seem like women are these cowering timid beings who only need the
guys to give them the green light which may be true for some but there are
a lot of things that women should do for themselves, too. I don't
necessarily believe it is a 'guys bad, girls good' formula.

*>Ok, then I guess there's no point discussing potential solutions with you
*>because you don't think they exist.

They exist, perhaps, but after so many years of so many people asking the
same empty question you'll have to forgive my extreme skepticism at anyone
having any committment to making such a mission for a large group of
people a meaningful priority. Until then I suppose I won't ever have to
worry about a line at the ladies room at conferences.

And, in spite of Simon's snarky little response which he likely posted
from #perl while spending quality time with his family and flaming someone
for something, I'm fairly certain that a this particular band of programmers
would benefit from having a far more balanced mix.


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