Dave Rolsky [autarch@urth.org] quoth:
*>If I saw similar behavior in another forum, I'd challenge it. I really
*>haven't seen _that_ much, so I'm going to guess that a lot of what you've
*>seen was in face-to-face interactions.

And maybe you aren't as sensitive to things as you perhaps think. Noone in
perl has dropped trou at my desk late at night and decided to hump a box
of crackers but there have been moments where that would have been an
improvement on-line and off. Besides, why should that guy care if you say
'that might make someone uncomfortable', when 40 other guys are patting
him on the back?

*>I thought it was pretty specific. Its do/don't list is a good starter.
*>I'm not sure why you'd find it insulting. But if that doesn't address the
*>problem, then what would you propose?

Well, tell me, how is that document not insulting to both sides of the

*>> The many, the quiet, the complicit enablers of the noisy few.
*>Definitely. I thought the HOWTO addressed that pretty well, myself.

So that must explain why Perl is so asshole and misogynist-free then.

Last year at YAPC Larry gave a keynote that pointed out this lack. It
didn't do much and I don't expect much to ever change in this regard until
people really mean what they say and in greater numbers which is to say


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