Dave Rolsky spake:
*>As to why there's not many women involved in Perl, it's the same reason
*>that there's not many women involved in many other fields, which is that
*>the cultures from which most (probably all) of us come are quite sexist,
*>plain and simple.

Few things involving humans are plain or simple and certianly not this.
From my own perspective it is mostly the frat house behaviour. I could
probably recast 'Animal House' with perl people and it would work very
well I suspect. 'I gave my love a Camel that had no.....*crash*..' :)

*>But I really think you're doing this issue (sexism) a _huge_ disservice by
*>comparing it in any way to the reaction to Shlomi. One is a _serious_
*>problem, a real injustice, and the other is simply the result of
*>exasperation with someone who just doesn't get it.

Well, but they are similar as so many people ponder at the conferences and
on-line every bloody year and yet nothing ever changes. In fact, I'd say
things have gotten even worse. Empty words from the lower ranks and
silence from the higher ones.

*>On a side note, I think the "HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux" how-to at
*>http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/index.html is a
*>great resource to point people at when they ask why there aren't more
*>women in the Perl community.

I'm not much for feminism so, I don't know, maybe I expect more from
people than the decidedly basic and exceedingly vague scope of that
document. I personally find that document insulting and perversely sexist.

I have mostly lost all hope for attracting more women to these parts as my
patience after 10 years is waning and I'm a bit tougher than most. Perhaps
I'm getting soft in my old age but while I have been entirely comfortable
with holding my own against the more misogynistic in this community there
is no support from the guys who take sport on people like Sholmi but
remain silent when it comes to telling another guy he's being an asshole
to a woman....well, or anyone for that matter.

The many, the quiet, the complicit enablers of the noisy few.


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