*>Yes, finally, I think I see your fundamental mistake. You see Perl as
*>a religion. You want *more* members in "the tribe". Well,
*>personally, as a member of the tribe (and often an outspoken
*>ambassador to the non-tribal members :), I'm quite happy with the size
*>and the quality of the tribe already, including its rites of passage
*>to become a member.

So it's more like Animal House, Delta Tau Chi? Actually, that is much
more fitting now that you mention it.

*>Please take your insecurities back to your therapist. You're
*>embarassing yourself in public again.

You really shouldn't give me straight lines like this Randal....

I think Mr. Fish means well and I think it's very neanderthal to behave so
badly towards him. How many years must pass and how many times must
history continue to repeat itself without any hope for maturity or
enlightenment from the community? It's like shooting fish in a barrel. [
no pun intended :) ]

Mr. Fish, for what it's worth, you had some serious balls to write that
and you had to know that in the community where no good or even bad deed
goes unpunished that you were inviting that very behaviour which you argue
against. My only suggestion to you is the same which I give those who
offer empty words of wonderment at the lack of women in this community;
you must do it yourself and hope others follow and be prepared to carry-on
even when they don't.


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