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On 2/7/12 3:35 PM, wrote:
And what about sequence validators? How to alternate from the default one?
Maybe we should make a default Factory which people can sub-class if
they want
to modify the sequence validator they create a different one. Anyway
that could
also be done via sub-classing the component itself (the way we are
currently doing it)
and then the Factory would only be responsible to instantiate the
sub-classed component.
The factory should be used to load custom resources, like a different
implementation of a dictionary, am I right?
Yes, but it could also be something else.

A very important point is that we can reuse the code to instantiate a
over and over again without modifying it for a customization.
This way all the models will work anywhere were OpenNLP is integrated and
the extension jar files are on the classpath.


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