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I think of the Nutch project as a marathon, not a sprint. Nutch's
stated goals include:

* Scale to entire web
- pages on millions of different servers
- billions of pages
* Support high traffic
- thousands of searches per second
* State-of-the-art search quality


It's inspiring to see a project with such ambitious goals become a reality.

On 3/5/06, Byron Miller wrote:
I like to think of it as a framework. Building blocks
to build what you ultimately need.

If your after the one stop shop, plug in play, no
development necessary then perhaps some other
commercial systems may be your best bet.

Mailing list is very active, most people get responses
fairly quickly. If the question is ignored its often
because it's already answered.

To really understand nutch you need to understand
lucene, hadoop and search in general and the wiki of
both lucene and nutch is a great read.

If all of this is above ones head or not within your
time frame to bother with then like i said, there are
other products out there.

Other then that i'm happily running nutch, looking
forward to a billion+ page index and enjoying picking
the brains of the talent pool we have here.

Happy nutcher


--- Matt Wilkie wrote:
Hi there, I'm new around here. The mailing lists
seem to have a pretty
steady stream of traffic but the website hasn't been
updated since
august, and there's only a handful of news items
before that. What is
the vitality of Nutch project? Is it basically a
labority proof of
concept or a mature ready for production product?

thanks for your time,

matt wilkie
Geographic Information,
Information Management and Technology,
Yukon Department of Environment
10 Burns Road * Whitehorse, Yukon * Y1A 4Y9
867-667-8133 Tel * 867-393-7003 Fax

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