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To: Baron Schwartz
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Subject: Re: Error: You can't specify target table '...' for update in
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On 05.02.2008 23:25 CE(S)T, Baron Schwartz wrote:
You can't select from a table you're updating at the same time. What
"at the same time" means is a bit unclear unless you're one of the
MySQL developers ;-)
Yes, Paul DuBois already replied to me off-list. Now I found that
documentation part and understand that MySQL cannot do this. (Haven't
tested whether other DBMS can, would be pointless anyway.)

My goal was to copy some potentially large BLOB from one record to
another in the same table, nothing more. I have now chosen the way to
fetch it from the database and have my application just write it back
again. I wanted to avoid this unnecessary copying around.
[JS] I don't know if this is more efficient that copying the data to a program
and pushing it back, but you can use a few statements to use a temporary table
of your own. I often do this so that I can accomplish what I want without
writing a program at all.

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