Alaios added:
Thx for your interest..
The type of my question is for learning what to
choose. I would use what u suggest me.. The only
information i can provide u is that i am running
If u can suggest me the version of mysql and the
appropriate function and after i will continue
I am searching if i can implement some functionality
of an information retrieval system using mysql...Do u
have any resources available?


MySQL is well suited for that sort of thing, but you'll have some homework to do.

You need a programming language to build your information retrieval system in, and you would likely use that same language to access the data in your database. Potential languages are many and include C++, PHP, Perl, Python, etc., etc.

I presume you intend to "serve" (as in server) your information to many people. If you would do this via a browser/the web (intranet or Internet) you might prefer a language like PHP over others, the point being you would want to decide this at the beginning of your project - how you will provide the data to people not sitting at your PC.

MySQL has tons of capabilities and applications - its not just for the web - but web applications are an easy thing to gain some knowledge of.


- Google terms like "web MySQL tutorial" or "PHP MySQL tutorial" and do some reading to get oriented
- Buy a book like "MySQL" (Paul DuBois) or "PHP and MySQL Web Development" (Luke Wellington, Laura Thomson). If the price of a new edition is cost prohibitive, try picking up a used ("good' or "new") condition book via Amazon.com - an easy way to get information on subjects you are not sure you are ready to invest in.
- Read the online MySQL documentation, and or download it to your PC
- Download MySQL (any version, but the latest stable version makes sense) and start playing with it.

good luck - have fun exploring.


P.S. I'm not really PHP-positive-biased -- it's not my favorite language -- but I know there is an awful lot of tutorial material on the web re: PHP/MySQL...

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