Hello All,

For some time I've been wondering if it's possible to write a program
that can automatically check my local MySQL server, create a recordset
containing any new or updated records found in my local table(s) since
the last check, and upload those new / updated records to the MySQL
server my web site uses at phpwebhosting.com.

My background is VB / VBA, but I also have access to Perl, Python and

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if it's possible, using one of these
languages, to connect to a remote MySQL server over the internet and to
manipulate tables on the remote server as though they were recordset
objects, similarly to how you might achieve this on a local server using

The end goal is to develop a program I can fire as a Windows XP
scheduled task to synchronize the remote database with the local one.

Any help appreciated!

Regards and best wishes,

M Wells

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