%% Craig Washburn writes:

cw> using 3.23.28-gamma on win2000.

cw> With the change over to daylights savings, the system time was
cw> increased by one hour. MySQL is still reporting the time to be one
cw> hour ago.

cw> eg, it is now 20:08 pm (just double checked it through bios) Doing a
cw> SELECT NOW() reports it to be 19:08. I've tried shutting down the
cw> service and restarting, rebooting the computer it is on and nothing
cw> works.

This is a bug in Windows, and has been known for over two years.

Unfortunately it takes Microsoft about 3.73 years, on average, to fix a
simple bug like incorrect handling of DST, so you're basically screwed
until next week.

Maybe by the next time Apr 1 is on a Sunday, they will have fixed this


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