Min Xu wrote:

Hi There,

I am a graduate student working on dynamic race detection tool that
could detect harmful data races of multithreaded programs during the
program execution. I am wondering using MySql as a testing
application. In order to more effectively test MySql, I have a few
questions. I hope some one here can give me a head start. Thanks in
IMHO, the idea of trying to detect race conditions dynamicly makes no sense.
It is a seriously hard problem done staticly, yet not impossible.
Doing it dynamicly would require you actually try and trigger the race
condition itself to detect it.
However, the reason a race condition is often not found is that it they
are quite hard to trigger.
In fact I had experiences setting up MySql with Slashcode before in
order to perform benchmarking tests. However, this time the
requirement is a little different. Instead of setting up MySql for
simple transaction processing, I need to execution MySql repeatedly in
the multithreaded phase in order to let potential race conditions show
up. One of such example would be during server shutdown where multiple
threads are doing cleanup (just my speculation though). So my first
question is:
What does slashcode have to do with dynamic detectition of race conditions?
Are there any specific server setups that you are aware of that could
potential have bad race conditions?

Second, during the setup, I assume some sort of automatic "driver"
would be required to issue SQL commands. Are there any good open
source "drivers" available?
That depends on what you mean by driver.
Do you mean some program that can execute a trace of SQLs? If so, I have
one that is implemented using the MySQL C-library, quite fast and
multithreaded. (It originally had support for prepared queries, but I
dropped it since it could crash the db every time, and I didn't really
need it). And I have a not-finished perlscript to convert mysql logs to
its traceformat.
Or are you refering to a more generic benchmark tool?


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