Yeah...... I have to assert that for reporting needs this can be a common
use case. I personally try to avoid it in automated code but crontab code
can certainly need to create tables for reporting.

The main problem (which could solve both issues) is that TRUNCATE TABLE in
NDB is basically just a CREATE TABLE (from what I understand) and so one
wouldn't be able to create the tables ahead of time and just TRUNCATE them
because TRUNCATE isn't available during node restart either.
On 1/26/07, pekka@mysql.com wrote:

We have thousands of create and drop tables daily.
This seems strange.

Are these temp/work tables? Then maybe they can be created
as isam or memory tables.

If not, can you use one big table instead of thousands?
The big table would have an indexed key which says what data
set (previously in separate table) in accessed.

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