We have thousands of create and drop tables daily.

We absolutely need to have the cluster available for schema changes through a node failure. We wanted to move to a cluster to be able to roll through node restarts without affecting clients.

I'm testing a 4 server mysql cluster to take over the work 2 mysql 4.1
servers using innodb are doing. We have over 10k tables, 280gb data,
and per month: about 2 billion inserts, 2 billion updates, 600 million

Heh, between my first message and this one, management has already questioned the reasoning for using the cluster at all. Ack. I really don't want to go down the path of attampting application splitting to handle our write-bound data SQL load.


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Am I reading this error correctly? I can't make schema changes while one node is restarting? Correct.
Is this planned to change before the final release?
No. Unless there is huge demand..
The cluster cant be inaccessible for eg. creating tables just because a node is restarting.
It is inaccessible for metadata ops.

How often do you change the schema?

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