Yep, I apologise. The from-action quoted below is indeed valid.

This is *not* actually an EL-expression, though; just compared literally
with the actionListener property of the command component that was used
to generate the outcome. See class ActionListenerImpl: it just stores
the value of methodBinding.getExpressionString() before it invokes the
methodBinding so that literal string can later be used to select the
matching navigation rule using the from-action clause.

Still seems weird - particularly when the t:aliasBean concept is
factored in! As Mike says, it's probably a feature to avoid. For example
it's pretty ugly for a rename of the action method to invalidate a
navigation rule...

Using from-view-id and from-outcome should be sufficient, and more stable.



Mike Kienenberger wrote:
Ok. I'm apparently wrong (and Simon with me for a change :-)


It is legal, and it is the correct syntax.

However, I don't understand the usage. from-outcome seems like it's
a "push" to a page. from-action appears to be a "pull" to a page. I
don't see how these can coexist.

In any case, Mick, I don't think I'd recommend using from-action.
It's certainly not the norm, and I think it's going to double-process
your #{ userBackingBean.prepareForEdit} method, once when you trigger
the action with the button, and again when you navigate to the user
detail page.
On 2/27/07, Mike Kienenberger wrote:
By the way,

I don't think this is legal:

<from-action>#{ userBackingBean.prepareForEdit}</from-action>

If it is legal, I doubt that's the correct syntax.
On 2/27/07, Mick Knutson wrote:
Got it....

I had this for my faces-config setting:




And you gave me this, so I added this:



My question now is: does this mean that from any page, and any outcome,
EDIT will go to

I just want a user EDIT to go to

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