On 2/7/07, Simon Kitching wrote:
The EL language is defined to provide access to Java Bean Properties,
and only Java Bean Properties. Static fields are not regarded as Java
Bean Properties by the java.beans.Introspector class, hence are not

Yes, it sucks but this is the JSF spec. Well, actually the JSF spec says:
The syntax of a value binding expression is identical to the syntax of
an expression language expression defined in the JavaServer Pages
Specification (version 2.0), sections 2.3 through 2.9, with the
following exceptions ...
where the exceptions are not relevant in this case. And the JSP spec
says that a.b and a[b] are:
used to access maps, lists, arrays of objects and properties of a Java-
Beans object


Therefore to get access to static constants working, what is needed is
to ensure that the data you want *is* a Java Bean Property (read-only in
the case of constants). The ways to do this are:
1. add a getter method, getCONSTANT
2. add a getter method for a Map which provides access to the constants
3. play clever tricks with a BeanInfo class.

If you want to solve it once and for all, consider implementing a custom
PropertyResolver to do the dirty work. The goal would be to translate
something like


into the value of the static constant BAR on whatever class foo resolves
to. The getValue() method for this custom PropertyResolver would need to do
something like this:

* If the property name is "static", create some sort of proxy object
that is configured with the class of the base object and return that.

* Else if the base object is an instanceof the proxy class described above,
treat the property name as the name of a static constant, use reflection
to retrieve the value, and return that.

* Else delegate to the previous PropertyResolver instance.

Being able to customize the evaluation of expressions is very powerful.

Also, while the concept above refers to PropertyResolver and is therefore
relevant for JSF 1.1, the same concept works with ELResolver in JSF
1.2(with the added benefit that your custom resolvers are used for JSP
expressions as well as JSF #{...} expressions).


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