Hi Jeremy,

You are right in your assumption - the showOneTab component has not been
skinned in the release uploaded for evaluation. As soon as (and I guess
if) the ADF Faces donation get into the Apache Incubator Oracle will be
providing the most recent build of the ADF Faces source available at
Oracle, and then we can get going on fixing issues/features like this
(if it has not yet been fixed).


Jeremy Sager wrote:
I'm working on a custom skin for my application and have a question about
the ADF showOneTab component.

In, for example, menuTabs, it is possible to define an image to the left, to
the right, and for the background of a tab, enabling nifty stuff like
rounded corners and gradients on the tabs.

I have a showOneTab that I would like to be able to do the same sort of css
fanciness for, but don't seem to see any css selectors that support images
in showOneTab. Is this true or am I missing something?

Also, is there a master list of all available css selectors?

If there's not a css selector for showOneTab, I'd be interested in finding
out how difficult it is to design them myself and maybe contribute it if I
can do it right.

Jeremy Sager
Data Communications Product Manager
Chesapeake System Solutions
410.356.6805 x120
*Jonas Jacobi
Author*: Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components
*Blog*: http://www.orablogs.com/jjacobi

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