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On 6/28/07, Werner Punz wrote:
Craig McClanahan schrieb:
I'm on the expert group for WebBeans[1], along with a bunch of other
people. There will definitely be some functional overlap on what
Shale calls the dialog manager -- you will really really really want
to pick one framework for that kind of stuff, be it Shale's,
Trinidad's, Orchestra's, Seam's, WebBeans's, Spring's ... but other
than that there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use Shale
features and WebBeans features together, since they are both built on
top of JSF APIs.
Btw. Craig, you might be happy to hear, that I started with some
preliminary Orchestra/Shale integration two days ago.
I have nothing to show off yet, because I still tinker around with
things and trying to find myself around in both codebases, but so far
things look pretty good.
Cool ... I just answered your first question on the Shale list, also.
After three hours of reading the codebase and tinkering with it, I was
able to fetch orchestra conversational beans within a defined Shale
Dialog environment and have shale issuing
the end conversation commands which trigger all the jpa and bean related
cleanup in orchestra.

Yesterday I managed to bind all conversational beans under one dialog
to one persistencecontext.

I am still a little bit unclear about some things, but things look very
good for an integration bridge which is not too hard to configure.

(so far it looks like a special shaledialog scope
in spring should do the trick)
That makes sense.
If all goes well then Shale dialog will be the first high level
conversation framework with an orchestra binding.
Or the other way round the first framework orchestra prodides bindings for.
Looking forward to seeing this in action :-).


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