It looks like the Old proposal.


Omar Tazi wrote:
I started creating a wiki page for the incubator proposal but it turns
out Martin created it faster than I did. Thanks Martin:

We can now all collaborate on it.



Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
Hi Omar,

thanks for the draft. I converted it into a pdf file, since (I guess)
not everybody is using word :-)

For the *process* of working with the draft of this proposal,
I think it will be could, if we *port* this document into the Wiki
of MyFaces

On 2/6/06, Omar Tazi wrote:
Dear All;

Prior to sending this incubation proposal to the Apache Incubator PMC,
we would like to share it with the MyFaces community to:

- Gather as much feedback as possible
- Collect names of people interested in becoming active in this project
either as developers, sponsors, or committers (see available
sections in
the attached document).

Also, we are still looking for a name for this project it is
named "ADF Faces", we would like the MyFaces community to come up
with a
great name before we incubate it.



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