We could add a page to the Wiki and list our requirements for the
application there.


Jesse Alexander (KBSA 21) wrote:
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From: Carsten Fregin
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 10:52 AM
To: MyFaces Development
Subject: Re: We need a good demo application

I like seam, but it is still beta. You are, for example, not able to
display a DataModel without first searching the content on
the page. In
the next release, there will be a new annotation to set up
your session
bean correctly but they first have to remove the
SeamInterceptor stuff
(ejb anti pattern). The seam application is not complex enough:)

What is missing in most of the books and samples out there is an
explanation, how to implement page to page conversion in various
situations. I would suggest an application like
phpbb(http://www.phpbb.com/), a discussion application in php. Winner
either a forum like phpbb -> could subsutitute the old jive opensource
or a chat-html-gateway -> usefull for thows of us confined behind
aggressive firewalls, but willing to participate in

should be the one with the cleanest code and page structure.
Beautifulnes of the pages itself should be 2.nd or 3.rd place.
well beautifulness of the UI could demonstrate how to apply templating
or skinning...


Werner Punz wrote:

It indeed is, that is one good thing about Seam, they have
a very good
sample in place in which you can start hacking away.
There definitely is a need for a sample which combines
myfaces, shale, and spring (with an opensessioninview
filter), given
the number of people requesting crud examples

Sean Schofield schrieb:

A while back Craig and I had talked about a demo app that
would show
off both MyFaces and Shale. I still think that would be a
sweet idea.

On 2/6/06, Werner Punz wrote:

Dennis Byrne schrieb:

You could instantiate a HSQLDB server inside of
ServletContextListener.contextInitialized() for the
database . No
hassle for setup.

Dennis Byrne
Derby would be the logical choice due to the licensing ;-)

*Jonas Jacobi
Author*: Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components
*Blog*: http://www.orablogs.com/jjacobi

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