Krang v2.007 is now available (the source release is up now and binary
builds should be up soon). Notable changes in this release and in
v2.006, which never received a proper announcement:

* Improvements to the list-data management system, command-line
tools and associated element classes. [Jesse Erlbaum]

* Added support for Konqueror and fixed Krang to deny access to Mac
IE, which was never supported. [Michael Peters]

* Krang now automatically deletes any alerts tied to a desk when
that desk is deleted, fixing a long-standing import/export
bug. [Michael Peters]

* Added --clean option to bin/krang_addon_installer. [Michael

* Added new index to element table. This index will greatly speed
complex publishing logic. Thanks to James Reidy for identifying
the bottleneck. [Jesse Erlbaum]

* Allow users whose page-size preference is 100, to be able to
toggle between 100 and 20, instead of 100 and 100.
[Michael Peters]

* SiteServer configuration now does server-side includes by default.
SSI is very common for sites managed by Krang. This will make
development use of the SiteServer more useful and easier.
[Jesse Erlbaum]

* Added new --grep option to krang_upload_media. This option
permits you to use a regex to filter what you want media to
upload. [Jesse Erlbaum]

* Binary distributions now include src/ allowing for rebuilding
installed copies of Krang. [Sam]

* Fixed krang_install --FromBackup issues when the backups contain
addons. [Michael Peters]

* Fixed bug where KDS import would trigger delete_hook calls when
updating elements for stories and categories. [Sam]

* Fixed bulk-edit to allow white-space on the blank line separating
paragraphs. [Sam]

* Modified krang_schedulectl to skip scheduler start-up if
SchedulerMaxChildren parameter is set to 0 in krang.conf. This
is useful in development when you do not want the scheduler to
run. [Jesse Erlbaum]

* Fixed several bin/ scripts to always load Krang::Conf via
Krang::ClassLoader before using it. This fixes problems
overriding Krang::Conf in an addon. [Sam]

* Changed krang_upload_templates script to now handle "global"
templates (those without categories). [Jesse Erlbaum]

* Numerous other bug fixes.

Detailed change-log here: http://krang.sf.net/docs/changelog.html

Krang is an Open Source web-publisher / content-management system
designed for large-scale magazine-style websites. It is a 100% Perl
application using Apache/mod_perl and MySQL, as well as numerous CPAN

Krang provides a powerful and easy to use story and media editing
environment for website editors, as well as a complete template
development environment for web designers. On the back-end, Perl
programmers can customize Krang to control the data entered in the
story editor and add code to drive the templates to build output.
Krang can be enhanced with add-ons containing new skins and other new
features. Krang easily handles large data sets and can manage
multiple websites in a single installation.

For more information about Krang, visit the Krang website:


There you can download Krang, view screenshots, read documentation,
join our mailing-lists and access the CVS tree.

- the Krang team

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