After banging my head all day I have narrowed this down just a little...

I had a terrible time working out WHY the Test code works but nothing
else does. And I have finally solved that, but not why.

The answer is which Handler for the original content being filtered.

I added a simple handler to the ExpandTest.pm and changed config to

<Location /zx>
SetHandler modperl
PerlResponseHandler Zaltana::ExpandTest::response
PerlOutputFilterHAndler Zaltana::ExpandTest

And it works fine - assuming of course that I only want to filter my
own Perl code.

Change the above to:

<Location /zx>
SetHandler default
PerlOutputFilterHAndler Zaltana::ExpandTest

And it segfaults every time.

One of the reasons of course to write a Filter is that I don't have
access to the code producing the content (in my case that is a
combination of C, Perl, PHP, Subversion modules etc) - so I want to
simply do a filter on the way out.

It should be noted that the Subrequest can be anything - that works
well - it can be default or modperl - or anything I have tried. It is
the original thing you are trying to filter that is the problem i.e.
the thing being filtered, not the subrequest being requested.

Once this is solved I will write up an extra test which will be along
the lines of TestFilter/out_str_subreq_default_default - currently
the tests check that the Subrequest can be default or modperl, but
not the original.


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