Have you tried setting PerlSendHeader? That will automatically send the
headers for you. It's very useful for running under Registry.

From Writing Apache Modules, pg 144
PerlSendHeader On tells mod_perl to intercept anything that looks
like a header line and to automatically turn it into a correctly
formatted HTTP/1.0 header the way that Apache does with CGI scripts.


Bram Whillock wrote:
I tried changing the PerlHandler to Apache::Registry and modified the
script so that it does:
my $r = shift;
return OK;

Which works fine. But this isn't a good option considering I've got a
lot of code that I want to run under PerlRun.

Also, I removed the shebang line to confirm that it's not using the
shebang line to resolve the perl interpreter.

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Bram Whillock wrote:
Apache error log says:
That means nothing, besides having mod_perl present. You need to
configure the
server to run your script under mod_perl.

Assuming that your script is under:/var/www/beta/modperl.cgi, your

PerlWarn On
PerlTaintCheck On
PerlModule Apache::PerlRun

<Directory "/var/www/beta">
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::PerlRun
Options ExecCGI
allow from all
PerlSendHeader On

should work, as long as you don't reset it, somewhere later in
e.g. with ScriptAlias directive, which will use mod_cgi to run the script.
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