It's been a while since I've looked at existing frameworks in Perl (I'm stuck in a long-term Python project right now). When I last did, I used Catalyst and replaced TT with Embperl. I also augmented Embperl with a few features (a [] construct that does *no* escaping, and a dynamic include capability that works well with the object model for giving you what pieces you need in the right order only and only once—it's been a while, so I can't really describe it well).

I'd be happy to contribute both of those, although neither are what I'd call polished.

The key issue I have is Frameworks, Frameworks, Frameworks. People expect more out of their tools than Embperl provides. I think that Embperl would have a much better chance of survival if it could be embedded in an existing Framework. It's way faster than the pure-perl solutions, and it's much better at managing cross-site scripting areas and form filling than any other system out there.
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