$smtp->datasend("Date: " . _quote_hdr(Embperl::get_date_time(), $enc) . "\n") or die "smtp datasend failed" ;

That's returning something with the format:

April 14, 2010 5:12:12 PM EDT

The correct format for email is

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:12:12 -0400

And it matters, because it increases the spam value of the mail in spam filters.
(It would be nice if Embperl::Mail constructed a valid Message-ID while it was at it, but at least that I can override, I can't override the Date:)

$VERSION = '2.1.0';
# $Id: Mail.pm 344310 2005-11-15 05:22:19Z richter $

My apologies if this is fixed in newer versions, that's what the Ubuntu I was on pulled over, and I've been in a rush moving a site from a 8-year-old version to something relatively new on very short notice.

Kee Hinckley
Owner, Somewhere LLC. Somewhere: http://www.somewhere.com/ TechnoSocial: http://xrl.us/bh35i

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