Found a piece of oddity. I reread README.v2.txt again this
time so I didn't stumble on something else that was
mentioned. The closest thing I could possibly relate my
behavior problems to is this:

"- Nesting must be done properly. I.e. you cannot put a tag
(for a dynamic table) inside an 'if' and the inside another 'if'.
(That still works for static tables)"
That's it!

Here's the code which produeces the problem (this worked in 1.3.6):
[- $var="232"; @graph_order = qw(one two three four five six
seven eight); -] <table> <tr>
[- $count = 1 -]
[$ foreach $graph (@graph_order) $]
[$ if ($count % 3 == 0) $]
<td>[+$count+] [+ $graph +]</td>
</tr> <tr>

[$ else $]
<td>notr [+$count+] [+ $graph +]</td>
[$ endif $]
[- $count++ -]
[$ endforeach $]
[+ $var +]
Tr and if are nested incorrect.

If this is truly a nested problem, how can I get the
functionality I want?
Yes, that is the problem. You can turn of dynamic table processing by saying

[$ syntax EmbperlBlocks $]

Before your table (you could also put this into the httpd.conf as


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