Found a piece of oddity. I reread README.v2.txt again this time so I
didn't stumble on something else that was mentioned. The closest thing I
could possibly relate my behavior problems to is this:

"- Nesting must be done properly. I.e. you cannot put a
tag (for a dynamic table) inside an 'if' and the
inside another 'if'.
(That still works for static tables)"

Here's the code which produeces the problem (this worked in 1.3.6):
[- $var="232"; @graph_order = qw(one two three four five six seven
eight); -]
[- $count = 1 -]
[$ foreach $graph (@graph_order) $]
[$ if ($count % 3 == 0) $]
<td>[+$count+] [+ $graph +]</td>
</tr> <tr>

[$ else $]
<td>notr [+$count+] [+ $graph +]</td>
[$ endif $]
[- $count++ -]
[$ endforeach $]
[+ $var +]

Here is the output:

<td>notr 1 one</td>

If this is truly a nested problem, how can I get the functionality I
want? The '<[+>$var' is also interesting.
"One certain effect of war is to diminish freedom of expression. Patriotism
becomes the order of the day and those who question the war are seen as
traitors, to be silenced and imprisoned." - Howard Zinn

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