The "@ISA corrupted" error has been the bane of my existence for
several years now, but I think I've finally nailed it.
Not surprisingly, not one minute after posting that I discovered a problem. Although everything works, I'm still getting the corrupted @ISA error. This is the more surprising because although it *claims* not to be a child of HTML::Embperl::Req, it's able to call all of the parent methods. In fact, some experimentation showed that after doing all the @ISA modification, UNIVERSAL::isa($r, $class) returns false for all classes except the class of $r itself--whether they are direct base classes, or several generations off.

My guess is that there is a bug in Perl (I'm using 5.6.0) that is causing the method cache to not become invalidated. Everything works, you just get the warning.
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