At 4:45 AM -0700 10/11/03, Terrence Brannon wrote:

We have::

DBIx::Recordset and DBIx::Database will try to automatically detect
links between tables based on the field and table names. For this
feature to work, the field which points to another table must
consist of the table name and the field name of the destination
joined together with an underscore (as in the above example
name.street_id). Then it will automatically recognized as a pointer
to street.id.

My comments:

Table linkage detection is a useful feature. However, whenever we
must use SQL, the easiest way to join two tables is via a NATURAL
join, in which case,
Does recordset use that information for joins? I've only ever used
it to do a new query. E.g.

$set2 = $$set->{-otherrecord}

One thing that would be helpful in that context is to have the
inverse case automatically generated, eg.
$set = $$set2->{-otherrecords}
Although for language reasons, automatically doing plurals probably
isn't a good idea, maybe something like:
$set = $$set2->{'+otherrecords'}

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