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Subject: Apache::DBI 1.07+ causing segfaults
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 23:06:25 -0500
From: Richard Chen <richard@doubleprime.com>
To: pgollucci@p6m7g8.com

Hi Philip,

In order to make use of the ChildExitHandler introduced
in 1.09, we upgraded Apache::DBI from 1.06 to 1.10. But we immediately
see seg faults for every request. The problem is traced back
to the line 160 of Apache::DBI 1.10:

# We may not actually be in a request, but in <Perl> (or
# equivalent such as startup.pl), in which case this would die.
eval { $r = Apache2::RequestUtil->request };

In v. 1.06 $r is not used but $s is used. And no seg faults
occur. What is the rational for this change?

Also, there is no testing on $@ right after the above eval.
As a good practice, Apache::DBI should have checked such issues.
Once I introduce the test, I see error like

Global $r object is not available. Set:
PerlOptions +GlobalRequest
in httpd.conf at /u01/perlgem_www/server/site_perl_debug/Apache/DBI.pm
line 160.

But adding

PerlOptions +GlobalRequest

does not have any effect.

Please let me know if there is a work around for this or should I
go back to using $s again?

Thanks for any info.


Richard Chen

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