On 2/17/2011 5:16 AM, Torsten Förtsch wrote:
Do you have a link?

However, my highest priority is merging the threading branch. It works on
Linux with a threaded and non-threaded perls. Testing and perhaps fixing on
Windows needs to be done. I have managed to compile and test perl on a XP VM.
That's a 1st step. But I won't mind if someone else would jump in.

svn co https://svn.eu.apache.org/repos/asf/perl/modperl/branches/threading

Torsten Förtsch
I don't think esp Windows or $arch support should be a blocker. You'll
certaintly get more support if you put it in trunk. Its not like we
don't have stable releases and branches. Also, we can always revert it,
thats why we have VCs.

I say merge it, the longer before the next release, the better.

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