Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
Like um, are you kidding me?

SVN switches the .svn dir's entries file to a binary format which IMHO
is a good thing(tm) its much faster.
Yay, that's fantastic!
Obviously, I swap some paths to get a 1.3.x and re-checkout to roll
-rc2, but is there any reason a simple find . -type f (not quite that
simple) or similar won't work. I guess we could do a 'svn status' if
you really want to get SVN involved. Or we could actually write out a
MANIFEST file once and for all and then just update it like most other
CPAN type projects.

Thoughts ?
If you don't mind the delay, the following will do the same job as the
code below:

svn list -R https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/perl/modperl/trunk
sub get_svn_files {
my @files;

my $cwd = Cwd::cwd();

finddepth({ follow => 1, wanted => sub {
return unless $_ eq 'entries';
return unless $File::Find::dir =~ /\.svn$/;

my $dir = dirname $File::Find::dir;
$dir =~ s,^$cwd/?,,;

open my $fh, $_ or die "open $_: $!";
while (my $line = <$fh>) {
if ($line =~ /name\s*=\s*"([^"]*)"/) {
my $file = $1;
next if $file eq 'svn:this_dir';
next if !$file or -d "../$file" or $file =~ /^\./;
push @files, $dir ? "$dir/$file" : $file;
close $fh;

}}, $cwd);

# files to add which aren't under svn
push @files, qw(lib/ModPerl/DummyVersions.pm);

return @files;

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