Those ids correspond to the credentials defined in your settings.xml

If the servers are different but all will always belong to the same single
sign-on realm then perfectly fine to keep the same id

If they are different realms (even if you are being a bold boy using the
same password for every server) use different ids. (because others may not
be as bold as you)
On Thursday, 15 November 2012, Davis, Chad wrote:

I'm wondering what the scope of the id's are in the various elements where
you can reference a repository. To be specific, if I have definitions of
my repos in <repositories>, <distributionManagement>, <pluginRepositories>
are the id's supposed to be unique?

What happens if they aren't? In some cases, it seems that they are the
same repos. For instance, my repository and pluginRepository both point to
the same repo, so it seems to make sense to have the same id.

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