Well technically we only vote on the sources *not* the binaries *nor* the
SCM tag... We just have tge habit if giving the tag for good form... With
the move to GIT, I don't see it as Bering so critical... You can always
include the tag hash ID in the vote email and reproducibility isn't so
important when we have the sources... Build ability of the sources is one
if the criteria we are supposed to check before voting
On Monday, 26 November 2012, Olivier Lamy wrote:

2012/11/25 Jason van Zyl <jason@tesla.io <javascript:;>>:
On Nov 25, 2012, at 2:07 PM, Brett Porter wrote:

On 26/11/2012, at 6:42 AM, Jason van Zyl <jason@tesla.io <javascript:;>>
I wish RCs were useful, but I don't believe anyone really looks or
takes the time to even try anything until it's actually released.
3.0.4 had 5 RCs from memory, and so far, 3.1.0 has had one pulled back
- seems like they are being useful?
I doubt a user would have found that. For issues akin to what Anders
noticed we can just leave it in staging for a week or two. I think people
see RC and think "I'll just let everyone else try it."
I don't mind naming them all 3.1.0 and having the RM delete the tag,
but we should keep enough time/repeats in there to find issues - we don't
want another "don't use 2.2.0, it's broken" type scenario.
That's easy enough. I'll just leave it in staging, but the crux of the
argument is in staging or calling it an RC fields no real use from
Perso what I like with rc mode (or call release branch mode) is the
idea about having a separate branch for the rm to release. As it
others can continue hacking in trunk.
(minor detail: rc naming mode can prevent having to cleanup artifacts
from various repo manager chain we are using)

Furthermore we usually vote too on sources tarball and some binaries
distributions (zip/tar.gz) and users will download those files from
Apache distribution download sites.
Note there is a process described here
for that.
So please include those files in your vote call.

- Brett

Brett Porter
brett@apache.org <javascript:;>

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Jason van Zyl
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