: Let me try to detail.
: We have our "product" core with a couple of million docs.
: We have a couple of thousand outlets where the products get sold.
: Each product can have a different *tagValue* in each outlet.
: Our "product_tag" core (around 2M times 2000 records), captures tag info of
: each product in each outlet. It has some additional info also (a couple of
: more fields in addition to *tagValue*), pertaining to each
: product-outlet combination and there can be NRT *tag* updates for this core
: (the *tagValue* of each product in each outlet can change and is updated in
: real time). So we moved the volatile portion of product out to a separate
: core which has approx 2M times 2000 records and only 4 or 5 fields per doc.

That information is helpful, but -- as i mentioned before -- to reduce
misscommunication providing detailed examples at the document+field level
is helpful. ie: make up 2 products, tell us what field values those
products have in each field (in each collection) and then explain how
those two products should sort (relative to eachother) so that we can see
a relaistic example of what you want to happen.

Based on the information you've provided so far, you're question still
doesn't make any sense to me me....

you've said you want "product results to be bumped up or down if it has a
particular *tagValue* ... for example products with tagValue=X should be
at the top" -- but you've also said that "Each product can have a
different *tagValue* in each outlet" indicating that there is not a simple
"product->tagValue" relationship. What you've described a
"(product,outlet)->tagValue" relationship. So even if anything were
possible, how would Solr know which tagValue to use when deciding how to
"bump" a product up/down in scoring?

Imagine a given productA was paired with multiple outlets, and one pairing
with outlet1 was mapped to tagX which you said should sort first, but a
diff pairing with outlet2 was mapped to tagZ which should sort
last? .. what do you wnat to happen in that case?


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