: https://lucidworks.com/blog/2014/05/07/document-expiration/
: Each step is followed but nothing happens. I was expecting to see expiry
: automatically set as per multiple mechanisms configured.

if you are not seeing the configured expirationFieldName added to your
docs, then it sounds like you may not be using the
updateRequestProcessorChain that you think you are...

: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37131117/solr-auto-expiry-of-documents-in-collection

...i skimmed this, but in the future please include all relevant details
in your emails, not just a link (links can change, go away, be edited,

you said "My default solrconfig.xml has only addition (as per walkthrough
suggestion)" ... what solrconfig.xml did you start with? are there other
updateRequestProcessorChain's defined in your solrconfig.xml? are there
any others that say default="true" ? do you have any WARNings in your
log when you startup solr?

do you have an explicitly defined "/update" requestHandler in your
solrconfig.xml? what does it look like? does the string "update.chain"
exist anywhere in your solrconfig.xml?

(For example: if you started with the data_driven_schema_configs config
set, and modified that to include your new updateRequestProcessorChain,
it's not going to be used because <initParams path="/update/**">
forces "add-unknown-fields-to-the-schema" to be used by name regardless of
wether you changed teh default.)

if you explicitly include an expiration field in your docs when adding
them, then do they get deleted periodically?


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