The AMIs are Red Hat (not Amazon's) and the instances are properly sized
for the environment (t1.micro for ZK, m3.xlarge for Solr). I do plan to add
hooks for a clean shutdown of Solr when the VM is shut down, but if Solr
takes too long, AWS may clobber it anyway. One frustrating part of auto
scaling shutdown is that you can't log into the 'vanishing machine' to view
the logs.

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:

: No, I wasn't aware of these. I will give that a try. If I stop the Solr
: jetty service manually, things recover fine, but the hang occurs when I
: 'stop' or 'terminate' the EC2 instance. The Zookeeper leader reports a

I don't know squat about AWS Auto-Scaling, (and barely anything about AWS)
but what you describe makes it sound like maybe your "machine" (ie AMI?)
isn't really configured very well?

Do you have some init.d/systemd type scripts to ensure a clean shutdown of
Solr when the machine is shutdown/rebooted? That seems like a pretty good
idea in general (in dependent of wether you are using Auto-Scaling) and --
assuming AWS auto-scaling does clean OS shutdowns when terminating
instances -- would probably solve your problem. It would help ensure you
would never have to wait on the timeouts -- the nodes will each explicitly
tell ZK they are going bye-bye.

if you do have things setup so that *manually* shutting down your
instances executes a clean shutdown of solr, but AWS Auto-Scaling is
actaully totally brutal and doesn't even do a clean shutdown of your
virtual machines -- just yanks the virtual power cord -- perhaps you could
implement one of these "LifecycleHook" options that poped up when i did
some googling for "AWS Auto-Scale termination" to explicitly do a clean
shutdown of the Solr process" before the machine vanishes into thin air?


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